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You can find a variety of legal services, professional expertise and strong experience in different fields of legal practice.

Legal Strategy

Creating or updating of the business model and corporate scheme.

Contracts Drafting

All types of contracts: MSA, NDA, SLA, Referral, White Labeling, etc.


Registration, Gig- and employment contracts, tax features.

IP Rights

Registration of IP Rights, Trademarks, dispute resolutions


Participation in negotiations on behalf of the client regarding all legal matters

Data Protection

Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, GDPR Compliance.


Debts and penalties collection, pre-trials, arbitration in Ukraine and aboroad.


Tax models, disputes, CFC: status investigation, criteria check, reports.

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I am a Legal Counsel, licensed Attorney-at-Law with 19+ years of professional experience, specializing in IT law.

I have a wide range of experience, expertise and tools to provide your IT business with high-quality overall legal support in Ukraine and worldwide.

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